Marinda Nagel Counselling & Psychotherapy for Couples and Individuals
in Dulwich, South East London and Shoreditch

What to expect

Personal relationships form such an integral part of our daily lives that when they are strained, they can place immense pressure on your general well-being. Many couples and individuals find after years of being together, their communication deteriorates and subsequently, they lose intimacy.

The aim of therapy

We reflect on what is happening between you and your partner and to think about what has led to your feeling of dissatisfaction. Perhaps you don't feel heard anymore, or find it hard to make a difficult decision as a couple. Therapy can help you to make sense of what you are feeling in a confidential environment and think about a more creative way forward.

Healthy relationships

I don't believe that relationship therapy is only for couples in crisis. It can also be beneficial for couples who would like to strengthen their relationship and understanding of one another.


Similarly, I also work with individuals who wish to explore this without a partner. I believe this process is helpful, as you get to know yourself better and understand what has led to difficulty in past and present relationships.


I work with a wide range of clients, including couples and individuals from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and with varying sexual orientations. I understand that everyone is unique. I have experience helping couples and individuals with parenting difficulties, trauma, loss, addiction, escalating arguments, sexual matters, depression, infertility, separation and affairs.

The psychodynamic model

The sessions will be mainly based on the psychodynamic model. We aim to think about past and present experiences and how they influence your behaviour in the relationship. Sessions are driven by your needs and thus the content will focus on what you bring to the room.

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